Mihail Kalarashan - documentary photographer, based in Chisinau, Moldova. Works in street photography, landscapes and portrait. I was born on July 27, 1993 in Rybnitsa, Transnistria. In 2000 I was admitted to middle school No. 10 in Rybnitsa, PMR. In 2009 I passed into the Russian theoretical lyceum "A.S. Pushkin" in Rezina, Moldova. In 2012 I entered on psychological faculty in ULIM. In 2015 I successfully defended thesis on clinical psychology on the subject "The life quality of persons with diagnosis diabetes mellitus of the II type". In 2015 I have continued the master course on clinical psychology in the same university. In 2017 I entered the Academy of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography "Fotografika" in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since the fall of 2017, she has been working on a permanent basis with the Moldovan magazine “Oameni și Kilometri” as a photographer and journalist. Since 2018, he has been working on a long-term documentary project about the Ukrainian Carpathians.

In my work as a documentary photographer of fine arts, I seek to express the real world that will be aesthetically, emotionally and coloristically convincing at the same time. Being the documentary photographer, I follow the form which can transfer the spiritual state of objects, people. As I am only an observer, I create work wich is a fact of reality, but with the help of colors, forms and balance I bring this fact to the high level of sensual, not rational perception. I can divide my work into two main components: transfering the things as they are, which will be apprehended literally, de facto. And the work with color, light and form is directed on deduction and increases sensual and logic perception of a frame. I work in both formats: analog and digital. The choice falls on what will make the aesthetics of the frame stronger.