Mikhail Kalarashan – documentary photographer

„Atunci, adio…” – covid-19 yellow zone [2020]
A man in a robe and a mask entered the office. After talking to the chief doctor, he turned his gaze to us.
- Which of you is going there?
- Me. I have to film this.
- Then goodbye…

With our cameras slung over our shoulders, we walked down a corridor lit by fluorescent lamps. We were heading for the insulator.

In a small hallway, a medical worker offered me a coverall and a mask, after which he handed me a pair of gloves. From the isolator, the sounds of the medical equipment to which the patients were connected could be heard. As I put on my gloves, I realized that, ready, one more step, after which I will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

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